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Substance that breathes like your skin. 

DRY TOUCH® is the high-tech certified polyester of KORTEKS, one of the largest polyester yarn manufacturers in Europe. DRY Touch® has particularly functional features and can only be produced by a few certified manufacturers authorized by Zorlu Holding.

DRY TOUCH® yarns can be used in the production of sportswear, underwear, denim and workwear and many other areas.

Made of polyester yarn with a five-channel cross-section structure, DRY TOUCH® is an authentic high-performance fabric that looks natural, is very comfortable on the skin and perfectly wicks moisture. It is also breathable and provides protection against environmental influences.

The channel-like structure of the fibers ensures the best removal of air and moisture. The channels absorb the moisture from the outside by transmitting air from the outer surface of the fabric to the inside.

Five-channel functional fibers are three times the surface area of conventional polyester fibers of the same weight, due to their wavy structure.

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